Size of images in slideshows

Is there any way to make images inside a slideshow auto-resize to fit the display size of the slideshow?

I’m trying to add a slideshow for images on my home page. The images in the album I’m using are not all the same size and they do not render correctly, as far as size goes, (Tops and bottoms, or sides, getting cut off).

I’ve tried grabbing the ‘handles’ around the slide show, but they do not work as expected. Pulling out on a handle actually decreases the image size. Pulling in (towards the center of the image) increases the size of the images. This is completely backwards from traditional bounding box handles.

Any suggestions?

Dear Lil,

There are two settings in slideshow: Cover and Contain. One will fit photo into the browser window, another one will cover it. I’ve just checked your site and it looks like you’ve deleted and added slideshow container and probably added it to a wrong place. I’ve corrected that and now the slideshow displays photos correctly. Please email us directly at should you need any help with your website. Our designers will help you.

thanks for the awesome information.