Embed iframes

Hi Guys,

Does slickpic allow Iframes to be embedded in your websites please? I create virtual tours as part of my work, which are hosted on separate servers and shown in my current site via an IFrame. Is this possible with you please?

We have an option to have an iframe on the website’s pages. It can be full-size iframe, so the menu of the website remains the same, but all other area is dedicated to iframe. Or it can be multiple iframes on the page.

Are there any resources that show how to do this please?

Dear Andrew,

Just contact customer support at theteam@slickpic.com and tell us which page you need to connect via iframe and we’ll do it for you.

It will be a series of pages that may be modified over time as new projects are completed.

I’ll get back in touch once I’ve decided on the first few frames that need to be inserted.

Thanks for the prompt response, Andy.